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Many cat owners advocate raw feeding as a way to avoid the excessive carboyhydates and additives found in many kibble-based foods. But if you’ve settled on a raw diet for your feline friend, you’ll need to do some sums to ensure your pet gets the right amount of food per day, and appropriate quantities of the various ingredients.

Raw feeding calculations are generally based on bodyweight. Adults cats require roughly 3% of their ideal weight in raw food to maintain a good body condition. This number shouls be adjusted up or down based on your cat’s age, activity level, and weight. If you choose to prepare your cat’s raw meals at home, you’ll also need to calculate an appropriate quantity of raw meaty bone, a corresponding portion of muscle meat, and the right amounts of offal and liver. Wherever you are in your raw feeding journey, our calculator can help out with the math!

1. Your cat's raw feeding requirements

% What should I enter here?
Total Daily Amount 0 g First, enter weight and feeding percentage. Raw food required per day.

2. Nutrition and meal planner

Preferred raw diet ratio

Enter preferred percentages, or start from a popular preset.


Remaining % to allocate: 0.

Raw meaty bone (RMB)

Choose a common cut, or select 'Custom' to enter a percentage.


Choose a RMB with a higher bone content to meet your cat's bone intake requirements.

Daily Serving Breakdown First, complete previous section.
Boneless meat
Total per day

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