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This page outlines how we run our website, the types of content we provide, and all relationships we have with other companies and manufacturers

Affiliate Programs & Advertising

This section explains how we make money to keep our website running.

YourPaws is a participant in several affiliate marketing programmes. In short, this means that when we recommend a product or a service, we’ll sometimes receive commission on purchases made via the links on our site. These programs - and the minimal advertisements you see throughout the site - are our only sources of revenue, and they enable us to pay our writers and keep the site online!

All pages containing these affiliate links are clearly labelled, and our commission does not directly affect the content on our website. For transparency, the affiliate programs in which we participate are listed below:

Cookies & Privacy Policy

You might be wondering why we don’t have one of those annoying cookie banners. This is for the simple reason that we don’t need one!

Marketing cookies don’t help you to make the right decisions for you and your pets - instead, they’re normally there to help companies track you. That’s not really our cup of tea, so we decided to build our website without them. You can browse Your Paws safe in the knowledge that all your activity is anonymous and 100% secure.

Free Products & Samples

Companies will sometimes send us products for free in return for one of our writers reviewing them. We will always declare this clearly on the page. We remain independently owned and our reviews are editorially impartial.

If you’re interested in partnering with YourPaws, please email hello@yourpaws.com.


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