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Dry matter basis (DMB) is useful because the nutritional analysis you’ll find on the packaging will never tell the full story. Manufacturers analyses are based on total weight - including water. This is why different kinds of food appear to contain such strikingly different amounts of protein, fat, fibre, and ash. A tinned wet food contains a lot more water than a than a dry kibble-based food, and the ‘Guaranteed Analysis’ on the pack doesn’t take that into account.

Dry matter basis eliminates water from the equation, and so allows for fair, like-for-like nutritional comparison of foods. Our smart calculator below will do the sums for you, and what’s more, based on the data you provide it’ll even infer the carbohydrate content for you at the same time. Give it a try!

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Tip: Look for the 'Guaranteed Analysis' or 'Analytical Constituents' on the packaging.


Your percentages should not add up to more than 100! Please check your nutritional info again.

Dry Matter & Carbs Estimate

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Don’t forget that feeding your pet the right amount is just as important as feeding them a high quality food. To estimate the calorie content of your pet’s food - and to determine an appropriate daily portion size - be sure to check out our calorie calculator for dogs and calorie calculator for cats.

The tools on this page will enable you to do three things: estimate your cat or dog’s calorie requirements based on their activity level and weight, calculate the calorie content of a given food, and - using these two pieces of information - establish an ideal portion size. Every animal is different and advice from your vet is essential in maintaining good health, but this page is a good place to start!

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