Cat Age Calculator

As a cat owner, you’ve probably heard the idea that one human year is equal to 7 cat years. But in reality it’s a bit more complicated than this. Cats mature far more quickly than humans, reaching sexual maturity at around 6 months. This rapid maturation is why the first year of a cat’s life is generally agreed to equate to roughly 15 human years, and the second to an additional 9 years. After this, each additional year adds another 4 years or so.

Indoor cats tend to live longer than outdoor cats. The same is true for neutered cats versus fertile cats. Breed even plays a part, although less so than in dogs - Siamese cats are said to live the longest. The oldest cat on record - a fine feline named Creme Puff - a reached the venerable age of 38!

So while there isn’t really any scientific way to calculate your cats ‘human’ age, you can get a good estimate using our calculator.


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